The simple spike design is a chic hue that suits all nail lengths and shapes. This nail art is characterized by two shades of gray on long, pointed nails. Use gray to make the shape of the nail stand out and make the overall appearance stylish. You can recreate such things, or use different tones to create a unique look.

Extra long pointed nails This is an amazing art, and rose is a good skill for nail art because it can be used in many ways. This artistic feature is a neutral base polished with a white rose top. The color mix is very chic and stylish. You can recreate it online with a template or sticker.

Nude and silver flashing nails Our next choice is amazing and elegant. This nail art is characterized by lightly polished and glittering accent nails, as well as accent nails and rhinestones. Use shiny nail polish and rhinestones to create a professional nail art at home. The combination of color and accent is endless to use these. So, use it as your inspiration for your next salon date, or try to create it yourself.