The long table of the wedding is more characteristic. The table flower is an indispensable thing, which can enhance the whole dining environment, and it is not necessary to take it when dining. Candles are also a thing that enhances the romantic atmosphere, placed in the middle of the table, the lighting can add a retro atmosphere.

The long dining table is more suitable for Western food, so the tableware must use Western-style tableware, but consider the habit of using tableware, in addition to tableware and seasoning bottles. These are all necessary for a long table, and this is the most complete Western-style dining table.

The long dining tables are all spliced together, so if the venue is enough to be a long table, the guests sit on both sides, but they can also be S-shaped when the table is arranged. The S-shaped table can make the distance a little. The guests can also communicate in various ways to avoid the blind spots of the long dining table. During the operation, the stitching of the S-shaped table is a bit difficult and requires more consideration.