A clean and natural bride’s braided hairstyle, with a green leaf as a decoration, presents more fashion elegance in that simple hairstyle, so that the fresh and beautiful can perfectly show the bride’s fashion charm!

The decoration of the flowers, feel the sweetness of the one, when the simple princess head braided hair and the perfect match of the garland, it highlights the bride’s exquisite beauty and more elegant temperament, showing the incomparable fashion charm! A simple starry garland adds a touch of fresh glamour, and the complex shape of the beautiful hair is also irresistible.

Hair style like a flower blooms in the back of the head of a braided hair, exudes a full of retro elegance, with a very temperament of hair color, with a small flower as a decoration, feel the most beautiful Fashion charm! The long hair is simply woven into a braided hairstyle, decorated with a few flowers, and feels the freshest and beautiful atmosphere, giving the bride the most beautiful charm!