For the wedding to be successful, the atmosphere of the whole scene and the feelings of the guests are especially important. The exquisite and beautiful table decoration often determines the positioning and quality of the whole wedding at the wedding, and will further affect the atmosphere of the scene. The bride and groom can decide their own table flower style according to their own preferences, and choose the style that suits their wedding theme for the wedding.

Table flowers must be combined with high and low, so that it can echo the overall momentum of the table, and present a firm arrangement for the guests. The high table flowers use a high vase, and the low table flowers can choose a loose vase. A feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Medium flowers can also be inserted into it, thus reducing the openness of the table. The flowers of the table flowers are inserted according to the wedding theme, and are matched with some other decorations such as crystal, ribbon, bead chain and so on. A successful table decoration will make the wedding arrangement one of the focal points of the wedding guests, leaving a good memory.