Every bride at the wedding will hold a bouquet of flowers, and this bouquet of flowers is the bouquet. The bouquet carries the happiness and sweetness of the bride and groom, so the choice of this bouquet must be cautious.

Romantic pink can always easily touch the girl’s heart. For the romantic brides, the pink bouquet is very suitable. The bouquet of pink roses and pink peony is elegant and generous, perfect for a sweet style wedding. Imagine that when you hold it to the vows, you will be extraordinarily happy and sweet.

Orange is a mixed color between red and yellow, giving people a sense of gorgeous, bright, warm and happy. It is a happy and lively color. It is often reminiscent of the golden fall, so it is also a rich and happy color. The bride’s choice of orange bouquets can be mixed with some white or black, which adds color and makes it look more romantic.