Eye-catching dark orange nails In the past few seasons, dark orange and rust red colors have been popular. Nail art is a great way. Deep orange nails like this look beautiful and stylish. The flash adds a touch of brilliance. These clothes are suitable for anyone and can be worn on any occasion.

Black pointed nails choose black nail polish to create a bold and eye-catching look. This is a color that is perfect for everyone. Mix black nail polish and pointed nails and you have a sharp nail. A nail like this is great for releasing your inner rock girl.

Pink manicure looking for something more daring? The next option might be yours. This nail art is characterized by bright pink nails and two nails with a tribal accent, and a nail with a rhinestone. Things like this look cute and stylish. It will make your appearance look more fashionable in the summer. You can have this design in any color scheme.