Wedding dresses are the best dresses that every girl wants to marry at this extraordinary ceremony, but many brides are a little bit confused before the wedding. For an inexperienced bride, choosing a wedding dress is a big deal.

Small trailing wedding dresses are generally around 106-137 cm. The length is calculated from the waist. The part on the ground is about 30-50 cm. The small trailing wedding dress is not too heavy, and it is relatively light in action. The visual sense is gorgeous. With a noble.

The big tail wedding dress is more heavy, because there is a 2.5-meter long yarn tail, generally only as a main wedding dress in the ceremony, the action is more inconvenient, but the overall looks very noble. The gorgeous temperament and accessories embellish the bride, but it also has a high demand for the venue. It needs to be wider and needs the groom to assist.