The decoration planning of the wedding table should start from the flower arrangement. First of all, the color of the flowers should be coordinated with the flowers at the wedding scene and the bouquet in front of the bride. Secondly, we should choose the right flowers and green plants to avoid the collapse of flowers and cause paralysis.

In addition to flowers, there are also many interesting creative decorations on the table: plates with fire patterns, glass bottles and candles. Sprinkled with a wooden table with gold balls hanging on a gold foil, vintage wood decoration, flower arrangement, and a bottle of mellow wine on each table. I believe that guests will like to prepare for it.

Creative bottle making is very simple. Wrap the discarded bottle with a little bit of hemp rope, then put some floral on the bottle. Or put flowers in the flared glass to look more distinctive. Some people will put shiny LED lights in the glass bottles, especially at night to make the wedding look more romantic.