The flower girl is also a highlight of the wedding, and you may have spent a lot of time before the wedding. Of course, the flower girl at the wedding should match the dress of the bride and groom, then consider how the flower girl at the wedding dresses up?

The flower girl’s wearing should also conform to the wedding style. Like a little boy as a flower girl, then you need to be officially handsome in matching. In the summer, you can choose a pure white shirt + navy blue bib, a pair of stockings + a pair of small shoes + a navy blue bow tie, simple The combination of gentleman’s sense is absolutely very attractive.

On a hot summer day, the male flower girl’s suit may be too hot. At this time, the suit can be replaced with a suit vest with a short-sleeved shirt + short casual suit pants, a pair of small leather shoes, this combination is very delicate. At the same time, it is similar to the groom’s style and has a sense of unity.