The groom’s boutonniere is one of the few accessories for the groom. The small boutonniere declares the identity of the groom.

The groom’s boutonniere should be based on simplicity and smallness. Remember, the boutonniere and the bag are all embellished, and should have the finishing touch, not to be the focus of the visual. In the design of the boutonniere, you can choose a flower plus some matching small flowers of the gypsophila class. Never let the boutonniere turn into a bunch of flowers. The pedicel of the boutonniere is not too long.

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The bride has many accessories at the wedding, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. However, the bridegroom is also an important role on the wedding scene. We have to dress up the groom. Now let’s see what flowers the groom’s boutonniere should bring.