The bride is looking forward to shooting a wedding photo, hoping to leave her most beautiful look, so how can I show the best side in front of the camera? Let’s take a look at these camera tips, hope to help the bride to shoot in the wedding photo. It shows the most moving side and becomes the most beautiful bride.

In the frontal image, the bride’s nose points to the camera. From this point of view, the bride’s face is the widest, so the bride with a round face is generally not suitable for this angle. When the bride’s face is facing one side, the far ear is not visible from the camera. This angle applies to most brides. When shooting, adjust the angle of the bride’s head moderately to ensure that the eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes on the far side of the bride show a looming effect.

The shoulders of the bride are generally at an angle to the camera. Looking directly at the camera lens will make the shoulders look wider than normal, and the photos taken will be less dynamic. Of course, if the bride’s body is slim, she can make her shoulders face the camera, which can create a sense of confidence.