Don’t keep your wedding photos in your home. On the wedding day, you should let all the guests witness your romantic time, set up a photo display area, and hang out your wedding photos. If you have a lot of good-looking photos but you can’t show them all, you can choose to make a photo display area next to the check-in counter.

Table flower is the crowning touch of the wedding. It not only highlights the layering of the wedding scene, but also allows guests to enjoy the food while enjoying the view. Therefore, you should communicate with your florist to make a wedding style and design the most suitable. Own table flowers.

In order to express the importance of the main table elders and guests, the bride and groom hope that the main table and the guest table are different, so I would like to spend more time on the main table. The use of table flowers will make the scene feel more refined, making the overall area of the main table even more distinguished.