The length of the long dining table should be adjusted according to the venue, so that everyone will be more comfortable when dining, and it will be convenient to walk around. Because the long dining table is made up of splicing, it is necessary to consider the connection and flatness between the table and the table. The food cannot be sprinkled because of the gap.

Long table tables should also be prepared for long tablecloths, which cannot be spliced, which will affect the overall beauty. It is best to have a seating card in advance so that guests can find their seats very well.

The table flag made of large flowers is placed in the center of the long dining table until the end of the table. The flowers are clustered, rich and lush, and neatly arranged candlesticks on both sides. In addition to the large flowers, you can also choose the green vine branches and leaves into a long string of table flags, also dragged to the end of the table, placed on the sides of the same height of the candle, this arrangement is very small and fresh, suitable for Sen theme and outdoor wedding .