Past wedding invitations are not only simple in style, but always centered on one color. Nowadays, many brides and grooms pay more attention to individualized creativity. Naturally, for the most important things in life, they will pay more attention to any details in the wedding, including wedding invitations.

Nowadays, the popular fresh and warm theme wedding wedding invitations, with a light yellow applique on the wedding invitations, can not only make the wedding invitations have a three-dimensional effect, but also make the wedding invitations full of exquisite feelings. This kind of wedding wedding invitations is not only suitable for color theme. The wedding is also suitable for the bride and groom who hold the wedding in the summer. Simple yet beautiful.

If the wedding theme of the bride and groom is determined to be pink, or the wedding choice is held in the spring, then the wedding invitation with the background of flowers is absolutely suitable. The shallow petals and the deep green color of the leaves are sparkling, and the personality is full. Attract others’ attention.