In addition to the bride and groom, the wedding day is the most eye-catching wedding flower girl. In general weddings, I will invite a few small flower girls, like cute little angels, symbolizing the pure love of the bride and groom, symbolizing the signs of many children in the future, and adding a touch of agility to the wedding.

The little girl who pulls a wedding dress for the bride at the wedding ceremony or throws petals in front of the bride and groom is so cute. As we all know, flower girl is an indispensable role in every couple’s wedding. Because the flower girl can not only add a glory to the wedding of the newcomer, but also activate the atmosphere of the wedding scene.

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Note that in order to cope with unexpected situations, the bridesmaid can be equipped with small snacks in the carry-on bag. When the child is disobedient or uncooperative, sometimes a small piece of chocolate can calm them down.